Isaiah is a student of German Language and Literature at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. In 2014 she was a participant at the Imagine Peace Youth Camp, during which she was introduced to informal/non-formal education and learning-by-doing methods and decides that this is the course that she wants to follow. In March 2016 she officially became a part of the International Olympic Truce Center, where she practically applied the Olympic education through learning-by-doing education. Moreover, she is an active member at the  European Non-Governmental Sports Organisation (ENGSO Youth). Her main responsibility is to network and connect people who are working with the same objectives and to train volunteers for events like the European Athletics Championship Belgrade 2017, where she trained more than 250 volunteers.

Today, along with her studies, she is a Youth Program Coordinator and Head of Volunteers in the Non-Profit Organisation SciCo. Since December of 2017 she is realizing the educational program Academy of Ambassadors, which aims to empower the participants’ skills in science
communication, to further develop their professional capacities and to feature them as main
spokespeople of SciCo’s values and goals. She is now training and coordinating the 300 volunteers of the Athens Science Festival.