Biology & Jewellery

2 October, 2018 News

How can you fit a fungus in a necklace? How can you make earrings from leaves? Bracelets with mosquitoes? What do you think about “wearing” Biology? In this lab for parents and children 5-9 years-old, on Saturday October 13th from 15.00 to 15.50, three young researchers from the Department of Biochemistry& Biotechnology will show us how to make our own  jewellery, inspired by Biology’s fascinating microcosm! We are waiting for you!

Participants: Athanasia Katsoula : PhD student, Marilena Grigoriou : PostDoctoral researcher, Evaggelia Papadopoulou : PostDoctoral researcher, Christina Papazlatani : PhD student

Title: Biology & Jewellery/5-9 year-olds || October 13th, 15.00-15.50 || Venue: Rosalind Franklin || Kids Lab