Thessaly Science…and Enterpreneurship

2 October, 2018 News

How can innovative technological inventions become part of our daily lives? How successful is the connection of scientific research with enterpreneurial innovation? How can university education help today’s students become tomorrow’s enterpreneurs? How does the incorporation of scientific advancements and technological tools change the face of traditional industries and activities, paving the way for modern businesses?

These and many more questions will be put to the panel “Thessaly Science and…Enterpreneurship” on Saturday October 13th, at 19.00, in a discussion which will highlight the organic connection of science and innovation with enterpreneuship.

Invited speakers (in alphabetical order):

Dontas Apostolos

Vice-President, Association of Thessalian Enterprises and Businesses

Moutou Katerina

Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry & Biotechnology, University of Thessaly

Papastergiou Dimitiris

Mayor of Trikala

Stamboulis Yeoryios

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Thessaly

The discussion will be coordinated by Theo Anagnostopoulos, Co-Founder, General Manager of SciCo.

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Title: Thessaly Science…and Enterpreneurship ||Venue: Marie Curie||October 13th , 19.00 ||Talk