The architect Theofanis Bobotis at the Thessaly Science Festival!

1 October, 2018 News

What is the connection between Architecture and the public space, the culture, and the citizens? In the opening ceremony of the first Science and Innovation Festival in Thessaly, on Thursday October 11th at 20.00, we are delighted and honoured to welcome the illustrious architect Theofanis Bobotis,  who will talk about architecture as something that concerns us all.

Architecture as an expression and source of culture

One’s daily life, in the present as in the past, is completely interwoven with the surrounding environment in which they live, be it interior or exterior. For example, the “Agora” of ancient Athens, meaning the space where citizens gather (“αγείρονται”), was the heart of this ancient Greek city’s public life. It was a place of political assemblies and commercial dealings, a seat of administration and justice, a religious and spiritual center. In the same manner, every great architectural work “participates” in the configuration of the city’s daily life, “communicates” its function and inspires its “inhabitants” as well as passersby, eliciting emotions and associations.

So, what is the main query for modern building design? What elements of a city’s culture does an architect express in their creation? What role do neighbouring structures play in the construction of a new building? These are some of the questions which that will be answered in Mr. Bobotis’ talk and his dialogue with the audience. Will you miss it?

Theofanis Bobotis graduated from the Architecture School of Venice. His architectural firm has produced many works, both public and private, in Greece and abroad, and has earned distinctions and awards in national and international architectural competitions. In his portfolio we can find public buildings of great interest, like the award-winning New Museums of Patras and Chania and the new terminal of the “Macedonia” airport in Thessaloniki. He recently won the first prize in a competition for the expansion of the Athens International Airport. International architectural editions place him among the greatest architects in the world.

Title: «Architecture: Expression of culture» || Date: October 11th , 20.00 ||  Thessalian Theatre|| Featured Speaker