Insects as…an alternative protein source?

29 September, 2018 News

How could we cover the ever-increasing dietary needs of the global population and our farmed animals more efficiently? Are… insects the solution to the puzzle?

On Friday, October 12th, 18.00, at the Thessaly Science Festival, the team of researchers and academics from the School of Agricultural Sciences will talk to us about the benefits of insects for the diet of humans as well as livestock, and will inform us about the growth of this new industry in Greece, mass production of insects!

Valuable nutrient sources!

The exploitation of insects as an alternative protein source for livestock or humans shows great potential: insects have high nutritional content, whereas insect farming has low environmental impact and requires simple, low-cost and low-investment facilities. Recently, the European Union permitted the use of insect-based protein in fish feed, marking a milestone for insect protein exploitation. The University of Thessaly, in cooperation with Stavros Niarchos Foundation, implements a research program on the use of insects as aquafeed. The interest in the potential of insects as food and feed is growing and we have just set off!

Visit us at ThSF’s Café Scientifique to find out what place insects could have in our diet!

With the participation of:

Christos Rumbos : Post-Doc Researcher, Christos Athanassiou : Professor of Entomology, Department of Agriculture Crop Production and Rural Envinonment, University of Thessaly,  Elena Mente : Professor of Aquatic Animal Physiology and Nutrition, Ioannis Karapanagiotidis : Assistant Professor of Aquatic Animal Nutrition, Department of Ichthyology & Aquatic Environment, University of Thessaly.

Title: Insects as an alternative protein source || Date: October 12th, 18.00 || Café Scientifique