A “musical” at the opening ceremony of the Thessaly Science Festival!

5 October, 2018 News

In a Festival of Science and Innovation that wants to invite young people to look at science…differently, young people themselves must have the spotlight…And so we are delighted and honoured to announce that the opening and closing ceremonies of the Festival will shine with the talent, freshness and energy of the student artists of the Music School of Larissa!

Scenes from… movie at the Thessaly Science Festival opening ceremony!

At the opening ceremony, on Thursday October 11th at 21.00, in the Thessalian Theatre, the Musical and Cinema Music Ensemble will enchant us with music and dancing inspired from hits of cinema music, from Disney to La La Land, and will start off the Festival with the most positive energy!

The “Musical and Cinema Music” Ensemble is composed of high school students and has been running since September 2012 under the supervision of professor Froso Ktistaki, and professor  Paraskevi Karagianni as piano assistant since 2016.

The M.A.C.M. ensemble  has an autonomous orchestra and choir which blend music along with dance and theatre, presenting a different and original way to approach choir music. The Ensemble’s repertoire is especially flexible and focuses on movie soundtracks and musical melodies which are presented dramatized and choreographed either with orchestra accompaniment or a cappella or even with a combination of all the above.

The M.A.C.M. has shown remarkable and multipurpose artistic activity and has cooperated with a lot of local institutions in the town of Larissa,  and has visited multiple educational institutions both in Greece and abroad (U.S.A., Europe, Australia) gaining great reviews. They have presented themselves in several television programmes  as well as on Radio broadcasts!

Coordinating professors: Froso Ktistaki, Paraskevi Karagianni

Headmaster of the Music School of Larissa: Sotirios Anagnostopoulos

With the participation, in alphabetical order, of:

Athanailidi Marianna, Antzoulakou Aliki, Gantzora-Korkidaki Lydia, Grammenou Georgia, Gkana Aggeliki, Dimpetri Andriana, Karakaxa Rafaela, Koukourava Elena, Kyritsi Konstantina, Lekarakos Dimitris, Lekarakou Stavroula, Mammou Aggeliki, Marami Mairi, Mouratidi Maria, Ntagkalou Lina, Ichalioti Klairi, Papadimitriou Katerina, Papaioannou Irakleia, Papanikolaou Vivi, Paraforou Mirto, Parisi Anastasia, Pavlopoulou Viki, Pliatsikas Thanasis, Rachmani Konstantina, Sagris Byron, Spilioti Anna, Spyropoulos Aimilios, Sirinian- Kiritsian Giannis, Sotiriou Ioli, Terzi Dimitra, Toliou Areti, Tousias Alexandros, Toufexis Achilleas, Trikoupi Elena, Tsitsiami Fani, Tsitsiva Ioanna, Ferfiri Aggeliki, Chasiotis Filippos, Christou Nantia, Christakou Venia, Chrisikou Sofia, Vlachostergiou Vassiliki, Deligianni Pinelopi, Irantou Nefeli, Koukoumpliakou Mirto, Papakostas Konstantinos

Title: The children with sunlight in their eyes||  October 11th , 21.00 || Venue: Thessalian Theatre || Performances